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Naked Massages Stevensville

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This group is for nudists that travel in their RV's. Lets become friends with each other, share stories and experiences.

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Searched rubmaps and found a place about 10 minutes from the Arundel mills mall. Drove to the address on gps and it was a nail salon. So I was bummed but less than a half a mile away I see this place with dark windows called healthy spa. Went inside and an older lady greeted me and said she had client come back in 1 hour.

Stevensville, michigan us

Left and came back. Was taken to room, very clean.

Roaming allowed, she was very shy, kept saying that she was ticklish and moving away but you could tell she was doing it for safety purposes. Finally she loosened up. Didn't push for anything more than a traditional ending, told me to come back and next time it would be nude massage. She was a fit middle aged Asian woman, small be's, very friendly. Total damage.

I'm new to the whole massage thing, and I'm an hour from Baltimore to drive anywhere to what I've found on here. I went here to for a legit massage because I was stressed from work. Most places arent around here but the woman 40's decent looking told me fully nude, so I layed down on the table. I've never done a massage with any type of finish, so don't know if I make the move or if they do or what not.

However she was massaging my back and straddled my head on her knees to reach my back going back and forth rubbing herself against the back of my head. Then she moved my hands from the side of the table to straight out past my head and rubbed my shoulders making sure part of her was touching my hands at all times.

After a little bit of this I began rubbing her leg and slowly worked up to her ass. At this point the massage changed from rubbing to her using her nails up and down my back. So I thought it was going to go some where, as she lightly giggled every time I touched her leg and ass. She then says ok you are all done, I asked for more time and she said they don't have time right now busy.

So either I did something wrong or it just isn't that type of place. A decent massage is available but that's it. The walls that don't go to the ceiling and the curtains instead of doors are often indications of a place that doesn't offer extras. Any intel on this new AMP in annapolis?

Asia Massage Reflexology. Massage only! My favorite provider moved to Annapolis and informed me this is her new place. Newly furnished, relaxed environment in a small strip mall. Google their for addrest on Mayo Rd. Make appt with Nancy, 40 ish fit Asian woman. Great therapeutic massage with ST ending available. You will be very happy you went! Pretty good massage, curtains, no rooms, no shower I hate leaving with oily skin. So I just happened to check out this site for the first time in months and saw your post, I've been getting a massage every 4 weeks for my neck because I sit at a computer all day and have a lot of stress going on.

I called, they said come right in Nancy was available so I headed over. It's not very private, it's seperated by curtains, and the lights are much higher than any other place I've gotten a massage. The massage was decent, not great by any means, I've had better for the same price local in annapolis.

She rubbed her legs up close to me so I started rubbing her legs and ass half way through the massage. I was nervous as this is my first real experience with this so I wasn't fully excited during the massage, she told me to turn over and when doing my arms she put my hand on her breasts and made sure to leave them there till I played around a little bit. Then as she was doing my legs I played with her butt and breasts so more and put my hand under her shirt a little.

Didn't last long haha. No extra charge when I went to pay, a little embarassing Naked massages Stevensville couldn't get fully excited but a new experience for me for sure.

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Lucy's is very clean and comfortable. Other AMPs often make me feel icky and disgusting after I leave. The dividers are curtains and the lights are very dim. I drew Nancy too. Are all the girls named Nancy maybe?

She gave a great massage and went where no other massage therapists had gone before. She even got the hot stones out and they felt great. It was my first time with hot stones.

Two other mongers came out while I was waiting the place is getting popular I guess and one other one Naked massages Stevensville in the divider next to mine. Didn't really bother me. Yes, you can hear everything but they probably do that on purpose to keep other activities to a minimum. Does anyone know if women get a happy ending too? I only know of one Nancy there, first met her 6 months ago. She asked to keep mythem let me know she moved to Lucy's. I agree she gives a great massage, and I gladly drive 40 minutes to see her.

I also heard a woman come in for a 30 min session, right next to me. Heard oohs and ahhs but not sure about an ending for her. I was lost in bliss with Nancy! The Nancy that I met yesterday was pushing 60, very thin with zero chest. Roaming was net with no resistance.

Massage was OK but left very happy. Linda, who I saw last Sunday massage is awesome, not much to look at but has a nice bod. I found her to be about business with no moves for a HE. Will continue to see her and hopefully she will lighten up. Her massage is worth the cost of admission, plus a small tip. Saw a cute young thing, Maggie walking the hall.

She is my next adventure. Oh, while I was getting worked over yesterday a lady with two small kids came in and bought her husband an hour gift certificate, if she only knew! Got to love it!

Visited last week. Got an attendant that was relatively tall, very lean, at least 50, could have been It was all business, almost no conversation, and no flip. The massage was excellent, but when she was done she spoke into my ear while I was still face down, "you finished. Nobody even asked for payment until I was in the lobby on the way out. I thought I saw some suspicion in her eyes, but I don't know why.

Frankly, I don't even look eligible to apply.

Never had this happen before. Saw Linda again and the were the same, all business, no pleasure. If you are looking for a smile looks like Nancy is your choice. A little leg rub or butt rub might break the ice. If you just lay there it will be all about business. Got Lucy last week and felt very lucky. Excellent massage. Fantastic ending. What I love about Lucy and Nancy both is that they have experience.

In 20 years of mongering I've never had anyone pay as close attention to my happy places. Most places are flip, tug and bop.