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July 31, pm Updated July 31, pm. Is it simply due to a lack of demand? Or is it because the female orgasm is a complex art intrinsically tied to an emotional connection?

Looking For A Nice Adult Wives Massage Closeby

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Their camera is pointed between her legs and captures the erotic massage our friend gives, which le to relaxation and desire for my darling. He moves between her feet for great hardcore sex.

Our friend massages and seduces my horny wife

It made me cum HARD. I fantasized that it was my wife with her massage therapist that she had a fling with. Ii sure would like to see that in person and clean up the wet sticky mess. I really enjoyed this video and it reminded me about the time when I took my wife for a good massage, so I arranged it with an mature masseur that lives in Bondi.

A friend of mine had met him when he took his wife to see him and had told me how his wife had enjoyed having a full body massage off the mature masseur.

So, after telling my wife about him, I rang and made an appointment. He asked me what I would like him to do to my wife. I explained that she had never had a massage before, but said it would be good if he could give her full relief. He explained that he would need to massage her in private in his studio, so I said that would be OK.

I told my wife what he said, and she said that would be alright, but she would like to meet him before having the massage. I rang the masseur and told him how my wife wanted to meet him before the massage, he said that would be fine, and asked if she would wear a loos fitting frock, with no bra or panties.

I explained to her, and she finally agreed.

We went to the masseurs studio in Bondi as arranged, but we went and had a drink in a hotel nearby before going to see him. We rang the bell, and it was evident that he had been looking out for us, he immediately opened the door to let us in. We were shown into his loungroom and invited me to sit in an armchair and my wife to sit on a couch opposit. He asked if we would like a drink to help us relax, my wife said yes.

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He gave us each a glass of expensive white wine and one for himself. He then sat next to my wife and started to talk about himself, and asked us about ourselves. The time seemed to pass quickly, he was a solicitor, he was 59 years old, and as my wife said, "good looking". After about 40 minutes, it was clear that she had taken to him and they held hands. He then put his arm around her and she snuggled up against him.

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Her frock had moved up her legs and it was then that he put his hand on her thigh. She was becoming excited by this and she put one of her legs across his.

When he realised she had no panties or bra on, he began caressing her inner thighs and unbuttoned her flock to expose her lovely breasts. He then started to kiss her breast as he continued to feel her very moist lips between her legs. As he was doing that, she had one of her hands between his legs, and as she said afterwards, she realised that he had a massive uncut cock. They were both becoming very aroused, and it was then, that he suggested they go into his studio to start the massage, which they did. I can only repeat what my wife told be about what happened.

He locked the door and asked her to lie on the table with a towel over her bum, she was lying face down. He then oiled her back, lovely bum and legs. She said he had manic hands, he was very gentle, but knew where he needed to put pressure. He knew immediately that she was ready, and asked her to turn over, which she did. She then noticed that he too was completely nude and had a huge erection.

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He kissed her while he felt her lovely tits and juicy fanny again. He then sucked her nipples, then sucked her full fanny lips. He continued to thrust his tongue into her fanny and she had an enormous climax into his mouth as he continued to suck. When her climax subsided, he caressed her body fully until she became aroused again. She came three times before he mounted her, his cock went all the way in before he started to thrust in and out. She felt as though she was in heaven, she had never been fucked like that before, and she began to thrust against him until they both had a magnificent climax together.

He stayed fully entered until they both relaxed again. She told him that she didn't know she had that in her, he explained that it was always different with somebody different. She told me afterwards that she had come three times, but the best one she got was when he fucked her. After getting dressed, they came into the longeroom, they were both very flushed and I had never seen my wife look as well as she did.

Before we left for home, he suggested that we go to see him once a month, or sooner if we wanted to. We went home and we had the most beautiful sex we had ever had, she was still full of his and her cum. We go to see the masseur every nom and again and we continue to have a very good relationship together.

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When we do go to see him, he lets me watch all of the action in his studio, I had never realised how much it stirs me up to see my wife enjoying a huge cock. Our married lives are now excellent, it is amazing how much our lives have improved. My lovely wife had never had the experience of a good full body massage. So one day, I arranged with a masseur to meet us at a local hotel. He booked a room there and between us, arranged to meet him in the restuarant there. I had spoken to him on the phone and explained that my wife had not had an experience before and said to take it slowly with her.

We met as arranged and after introducing him to my wife and having a drink together, we all went to the booked room. We found a king sized bed and good quality furnishings there. My friend invited my wife to sit next to him on the edge of the bed, which she did. They held hands and he started to feel her thighs. She wasn't keen on that and brushed his hands off her thighs. He kissed her and tried to feel her thighs again, once again, she removed his hands. I decided to go out of the room to buy another drink for myself, which I did. I thought it best to do that.

When I returned to the room, they were lying down together and were caressing each other while they kissed French style. I became aroused and couldn't help getting a hard on. He only had his underpants on, and she her bra and knickers.

She then said she needed to go to the bathroom. She came out with a towel round her body, I could see hat she was aroused. She got onto the bed and he kissed her, removed the towel and asked her to lie on her front, he wanted to massage her in that position. I don't know what he had said to her while I was out getting the drink, but it was evident that he had relaxed her.

He then removed his underpants and started to massage her from head to toe with lavender oil. After a while, he started to straddle her hips while he massaged the pressure points on her lovely bum.

He had an enormous erection, his dick was huge. She opened her legs while he positioned his enormous dick between her cheeks and started to stroke in and out of her cheeks. Both of them were at their peak when he finally entered her juicy pussu and entered fully.

She made satisfaction sounds as he started to fuck her fully, they both climaxed together, the climax lasted for a long time, and while they continued to come, I couldn't help but have a full climax myself without touching my hard on. They made love many times over the next few hours and I too enjoyed more climaxes with them. He finally got off the bed and asked me to get on and feel the difference.

I quickly stripped off and ha helped me to enter my wife. She was full of his cum and her pussy was nice and firm and hot. It didn't take long for us both to have a lovely climax together, my friend was kissing her while we came, and sometimes she sucked and tasted his enormous dick as well.

We all had a wonderful night together, and since then, we often meet to enjoy more fun together. My wife is a completely different woman now, I am very pleased that we had that experience. On another occassion with Suboda and my wife K, we agreed on a weekday that he give her a full body scrub to take off the dead skin.

I said I will come just after attending some work at office.

When I arrived I home, there was muffled muttering in our massage room and to my surprise I found K was lying on her beely with total nude and Suboda was rubbing with Body Scru. This was not our agreement they were to wait til I come. Suboda was uttering lewd words and praising her body. Predenting that Im still at work, I call Suboda and how is the preparation. He said since he has another client to attend if its OK with me to start the scrub. I said Ok. Then he told my wife that I will be latethen she rolled back on her back with a full view of her pussy and tits Suboda started to rub.

The he colpleted the scrub and took her to the bath and washed her body. This time I again phoned him and asked how is the going and he said she is now ready for a oil massage. I asked him if he can llosen her ass which I prefer penetrating later. He readily agreed.