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Female Disciplinarian Lubbock

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I was born at Robert Lee, Texas on May 20,the sixth child in a family of seven children. I had three brothers and three sisters. On a farm which had a wonderful orchard.

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African-American Bibliography. : reference.

Opal irene jordan

African-Americans have been present on the Texas plains sincealmost two centuries before English settlers landed at Plymouth Rock. Hundreds of books and journal articles in our collections address the various topics of Black History in the South and Southwest.

For holdings, search the University Library on-line Catalog.

A list is found below. In our files are approximately professionally conducted oral history interviews average one hour with African-American material, the bulk dating between and Two date to ; twenty-six come from the s. Most are with white interviewees.

Topics range widely to include education, work life, farming and domestic work, school desegregation, legal action, lynching and Ku Klux Klan activity, politics, professional sports, religion and military service. See below. A partial list of African-ASmerican topics and biographical subjects is contained in this document. Patterson to inform the world about the African-American community of Lubbock, Texas, and the surrounding region. Inquire at the Reference Desk about the partial index begun by our library staff.

Arthur, Lane and Nancy Papers, and undated 4 boxes 4 linear feet. The papers contain hand written notes, transcripts of proceedings, news clippings, affidavits, correspondence, voter registration and census information, and subpoenas dealing mostly with the Single Member District Discrimination Suit in Lubbock, Texas. Also includes files on campaign contributions. For futher details : Arthur. The Discrimination affected the way minorities were represented in the city and county government of Lubbock based on population growth in certain precincts.

Lane and Nancy Arthur served as attorneys for the plaintiff-intervenors. They were also active in the Lubbock City and County government. Beck, James B. Papers, 1 microfilm reel 10 ft. Includes an pamphlet dealing with U. Representative John Beck and reconstruction in Georgia, a speech by C. Craddock given in Frankfort, Kentucky concerning African American suffrage and jurists, and the proceedings of the Democratic State Convention in Kentucky.

Benson, Daniel H. Records, 4 microfilm reels : negative. The collection consists of the office files of one of the plaintiff attorneys in Jones v. Daniel H. Benson is a Lubbock, Texas, attorney, and represented the plaintiff in the suit. Biggers, Don Hampton Papers, and undated 3 boxes 2. The collection is in two parts, with the main papers consisting of correspondence Female disciplinarian Lubbock prominent political figures, personal scrapbooks of news clippings and miscellaneous materials concerning Biggers' career and interests, and several articles and newspapers unavailable elsewhere.

Also includes personal correspondence to Nettie, his wife. The second portion includes research notes, correspondence, drafts, galley proofs and proofs for Seymour V. Connor's A Biggers Chronicle. For details, click: DHBiggers. A journalist, author, and politician, Don Hampton Biggers was born September 27,in Meridian, Texas, and grew up in a ranching environment.

He edited and wrote for several West Texas newspapers, served in the legislature, and was active in land promotion in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. Biggers died at a rest home in Stephenville on December 11,a month after the death of Nettie.

The manuscript shows tax records of county residents indicating and value of slaves and livestock. Also shows roster of volunteers or minutemen during the time period.

1. holy scriptures:

All counties were created in the late s and organized later. Carlson, Paul Howard Papers, and undated 3 boxes 3 linear feet. Contains research material and hand notes used in Pecos BillCarlson's published doctoral dissertation on William R.

In addition there are materials related to Dr. For details, click: PCarlson. Carlson was awarded his B. He taught at Texas Lutheran College and became a professor of history at Texas Tech in He is the editor of the West Texas Historical Yearbook.

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Carr, Waggoner Papers, 94, leaves. Includes correspondence, speeches, campaign material, financial and legal material, newsclippings, literary productions, printed material, legislative materials, photographs, slides, and media productions pertaining to the life and political activities of Waggoner Carr. Of note are papers relating to the Civil Rights Act of and reports discussing the legality of sit-ins and picketing. Notable correspondents include Lyndon B. The collection bulks with materials concerning Texas politics, and Carr's career as a politician.

For details, click: WCarr. He was awarded his B. Chatman, J. Includes correspondence, financial, legal, printed and scrapbook material, photographs, and literary productions concerning Dr. Chatman's activities as a physician in Lubbock, Texas. The collection bulks with materials on the Lone Star State Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Association, which includes biographies of Afro-American doctors in Texas For details, click: JAChatman.

He received his M. Chatman died in in Lubbock.

Davis Family Collection, 1 wallet 0. Collection of legal and financial documents such as promissory notes, receipts, Civil War furlough papers, agreements, and tax receipts of Thomas and Eli P. Topics deal with the use of a slave for the Labor Bureau in Hopkins County, Confederate documents of a soldier in Bonham, Texas, and money borrowed. Thomas Davis was the great great-grandfather and Eli P.

Davis was the great grandfather of Billy Joe Davis. Eli P. Davis served as a private with the Confederate States of America.

Opal irene duke jordan biography provided by irene jordan april 20,

DeLeon, Arnoldo Papers, leaves. Contains indexes of articles from numerous newspapers concerning Blacks, Indians and Tejanos and some scrapbook materials. DeLeon, a Texas historian, has published numerous articles and books on Texas' Hispanic heritage.

Dietrich, Nancy Love Papers, 15 leaves. The collection includes financial and legal material concerning land and slave sales and land surveys. A Matagorda County, Texas, land and slave owner, ca. She was married to Joseph Dietrich.

2. trinity:

Dillon, Merton Lynn Papers, ; ca. Consists of literary productions, including ribbon copy, galley proof, and proof of Dillon's book, Elijah P. Lovejoy: Abolitionist Editor Also includes copies of Dillon's articles on abolitionist John Mason Peck. Historian, author, and former faculty at Texas Tech, Dillon authored several articles and books on the abolitionist movement.

Guy, Charles A Collection, 31 leaves. Consists of scrapbook material. The collection bulks with newsclippings concerning the death of Charles A. Of interest is a bill of sale for a slave Hampton, John Howard Papers, and undated 3 boxes and 1 oversized box 4.